Cellular Reception Problem

UPDATE:9:05 AM Friday. I spoke to Bell Mobility support and was advised that Bell is phasing out support for the old ‘cdma’ protocol used on older phones by 2015. As a result, NEW towers do NOT include support for the older phones and you will have to buy a new phone. Typical Bell. Suck the blood out of the users, then drop the need to buy a new phone on them. Am I mad, you bet! If you hear anything contrary, please post a comment.

One problem exists. Some phones work and others do not. I’ve spoken to a few people with Bell phone accounts who can’t get a signal at all. I tried it with my wife’s phone and sure enough no signal, even though my phone had 5 bars. Of course it could be that Bell has not turned on support for the older phones, but I have no way of getting any information from Bell.

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  1. Just wondered why there is only one bar most times with Bell service on the lake???? Does it have something to do with the hydro?
    Why is there not full bars of signal on Lake Restoule only 5 miles clear and free of obstructions from the tower??????
    Still no Rogers :(

    • Just spent a week at our cottage. We’re located on the North shore – West end of the lake and consistently got 4 and 5 bars every day with our brand new Virgin LG phone. We’re so pleased and grateful .

      • Great news. We are also on the North shore. I am assuming your provider is Bell. Must be my husbands older Samsung phone that is not picking up the signal as well as your new phone. He is only getting 1 or 2 bars. He is with Bell as well. For safety and picking up folks at the Porters this is so very welcome!

        • Virgin Mobil and Bell are in bed together. Don’t know exactly how. Older phones are known to perform poorly or not at all based on many of the earlier comments. I can only suggest that you get rid of your old non-functional phone and get a new one. You won’t be sorry . Good Luck !

  2. I will be staying on Porters Landing Rd. Resoule in July/14, and am concerned about Rogers reception with my older Samsung flip-up….my phone is the only way my aging mother, 5 hours away can get in touch should there be an emergency.

    Please give me updates to date (April/14), as to service-not only receiving but calling out.

    Where is this (Bell) tower located? Is reception available only on lakes vs. land?

    • The Bell Tower is located on Lakeshore Rd, just past Porter’s Landing Road. Reception has been reported as good. Rogers has virtually no signal in the area of Porter’s Landing. Folks have asked Rogers if they have plans to co-locate on the Bell Tower, but so far we’ve heard nothing.

      • You stated reception has been good, but no signal in the area of Porter’s Landing-??!! ……so……..where can I get reception specifically then? Please explain. Thanks :-)

        • I was referring to Bell reception being good around the lakes. Rogers reception is bad although one of the commenters has said they received a weak Rogers signal

          >>”I have rogers. The only place i get reception fairly consistently (1-2 bars only) is on Limberlost point road side of Commanda Lake. Best reception is between Reeves Road to Deep Water Bay”

      • Along this same line , I was playing around on my computer and found maps showing cell phone coverages for both Bell and Virgin Mobile on Lake Restoule. These maps are almost identical and show that we should have good service most anywhere on the lake.This is very encouraging as WE are North shore opposite Green Island cottagers.. Go Virgin ! Go Bell !

        • We were up in February and Koodo (Telus) worked fine at Porter’s Landing.

          • Mike – That’s interesting . I just finished checking the coverage maps for both Koodo and Telus and both show NO coverage on lake Restoule with some coverage on Commanda .Very confusing. You just don”t know what to believe anymore .We will be opening our cottage on Restoule the end of May and pray we have good cell service by then.

            • The Telus and Bell maps have not been updated since around February 2013.

              • Bell ,telus and any other provider that works off of bells network will work around restoule.rogers will have full coverage from trout creek to highway 69 by 2015 along 522 highway

        • Just finished a two week stay at Restoule trying to finish some important project on my computer. After the tower went into service in fall I experienced reasonable and acceptable fast data transfer speeds. Not so anymore. With full 5 bars on my smartphone and I-Pad the data transfer now is agonizing slow with most downloads timing out. The internet data transfer speed appears to have been throttled by Bell to an totally unacceptable slow speed. Doing meaning full work or research was impossible.
          Does anyone experienced the same slow data connection?
          I tried to contact Bell but can not find the right way to contact them.
          It is definitively not my equipment as I am back home and my connections are screaming fast.

  3. I am assuming Virgin Mobile works on the new Bell tower as I understand they use Bell equipment. Has anyone had any success getting a signal with Virgin cell phones.

  4. Just wondered if any one in this region is using their cell phones and what the coverage is like. I am so dismayed that a question is asked on this forum and it seems like no one is on the airwaves!!! Have Rogers customers been able to access the cell tower service???
    Sounds like nothing is happening in this region??????? Where does everyone go and what are they doing????? How has this region faired with the winter storms that have hammered southern Ontario…this area is still covered with debris and branches and trees downed.

    • I’ve not heard of any Rogers phones working at the lake. There is some service along Hwy. 534 but not until you are about 10 km east of Restoule. As for the winter, we’ve been well. We had a huge snowfall over the weekend but it was light (not wet) snow. Otherwise, winter as usual.

      • Yeah many thanks for this…we still look like a war zone with so much tree fall and branches and debris….pick has still not happened in most areas…..apparently we have mounds of chips from the storms in July and this will all be adding to it….so much damage!
        We are thawing out today…our kids were indooors all week and only had outdoor recess on Friday……thaw and clearing of drainage basins for homeowners now….still slick and icy patches…good to hear from you Computerfella…Happy New Year!!!

  5. What is the winter reception like in this region and have any Rogers customers found that they are getting cell phone coverage?
    Rogers is #1 provider in S Ontario but think they only want to link up where the large volume customer base is…any news????

  6. Is the turkey and ham roll still @ 7pm on Sat Nov.23 /13 is it still the same format as last year? It was a real great time, and we are bringing friends with us this year so I just want to keep them up to speed.



  7. What is the latest reception news for residents in the region? Any updates on providers and recommendations for locals as to what phone provider to go with. I would think both Rogers and Telus would make their phone customers able to get a signal.

    • Only thing I heard was second or third hand. A person spoke to Rogers “higher up” staff and they had heard nothing about Rogers going onto the Restoule tower.

    • Bell: 5 bars on the North shore across from Green island. 1 to 3 bars inside on Porters Landing Road west of Porters Landing. 4 bars in Crowbar Bay.

      • Sincere thanks for the Ma Bell update T…appreciate it!

      • “T” It appears we might be neighbors as I too have a cottage across from Green Island – right across from the eastern most tip of the island. Was very glad to hear that you had success using your cell phone. What phone do you have {make & model} and is Bell your carrier ? We will be getting our phone in the Spring when we open the cottage . Without mentioning any names , just call me JB .

        • Hey JB. Just saw this now – 9 months later! We are neighbours. Hope you have a good Christmas.

          • Hi “T” – Glad you finally saw my comment -Wishing You and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a very pleasant Holiday. See Ya Next Year -Have a Happy ! JB

  8. Always good to upgrade your hardware to stay current and up to date.

  9. I just spent a week in Restoule with my cell phone. I have service through Rogers. I had no service. I do admit that I am using an old phone.

    • So far, Rogers has not collocated on the tower, perhaps early next year.

    • I have rogers. The only place i get reception fairly consistently (1-2 bars only) is on Limberlost point road side of Commanda Lake. Best reception is between Reeves Road to Deep Water

  10. What’s the problem with discontinuing CDMA? That’s like complaining about how you cannot purchase new movies on VHS anymore. If anything, it’s great that they have invested in the latest technology. HSPA is superior to CDMA. It will also help pave the way for future LTE deployment.

    You should be able to find an unlocked compatible HSPA phone to replace CMDA for a very reasonable cost online. Pop in your sim and you’re good to go.

    Telus has a reciprocity agreement with Bell across Canada.

    • Too bad Bell didn’t advise their cdma customers that their phone would no longer be useable after 2015 and not on any new towers currently being constructed. They have that information in their database as I’ve been told by their tech support. Nothing wrong with moving ahead with technology though and you are correct about it being inexpensive to get the new technology.

  11. LOL just like when they discontinued analog phone sevice and left us on the north shore withour any service after hundreds of dollars had been spent by cottagers to install microwave cable phone lines…the chap who was on site at new tower told my husband that eventually he felt sure that Bell and Rogers and Telus..the big three would all support the tower service…just a matter of time…fingers crossed….

  12. I was up last week for 5 days, I have had cell service with my wilson booster for 7 years now. On october 10-14 had 5 bars and 3G but no phone or internet for most of the day til nite time. I have a IPHONE with a ROGERS account my service was better before they turned it on.LOL

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