Cell Tower Update

I talked to Clifford Shamy today about the cell tower status. He advised we have received approval from Transport Canada and they are awaiting Nav Canada ok. It appears things are on schedule.

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  1. Words can not express how important cell service would be to my family. We only have water only access and no available forms of communication. My grandparents are both 92, and my parents are both 65 so health issues are a constant concern. A new tower has been long anticipated. It is not a question if the tower would be needed. It is simply a question when it will be needed. Having emergency cellular communications from more isolated areas will save lives. That is priceless……. I did have 2 questions if anyone might know the answers: Where is the closest tower to Restoule currently located? What would the coverage of the new tower be? I have looked over maps etc etc but not sure how up to date they are.


    • Hi R, You should buy a cell phone booster in the meantime. There are areas all around Restoule where the booster will give your cell phone access to the nearest tower, linking you to the cell network. You get what you pay for, but 50 to 100 bucks should get you connected.
      best regards,

    • Dear R..how right you are..for all of us this is a safety issue….we are hoping that the tower that is installed will cover the north shore but who really knows…again hoping it get down to us in the far end of the lake on north shore…this is a life line for us…I think that Bell should have installed a phone at Porters landing for everyone in an emergency….we did have analog service and they cut it out….Porters Landing is now a government dock

    • Dave, has there been any recent updates with the cell tower? Summer, regrettfully, is speeding by.

      • Sadly Bell has been dragging its feet. They say next year at best. You could email them and try putting pressure on.

        • Not sure how it works,but are there no other service providers that would be interested why Bell?

        • Thanks Dave for the update but that really is another stab in the back from Mother Bell……was there a specific reason they gave this time for the delay? This has been so upsetting for 4 years now……regrettfully my PC crashed last year and I lost all the historical emails of excuses John Wood provided as the previous public relations person assigned to this project. I will surely email and voice my concerns once again. I suggest everyone does.

          • Dave, can you please provide the individuals full name? Hard to decipher from the email address, thanks!

            • Sorry, I forgot to include the names. One is Daniel Brassard daneil.brassard@bell.ca and the other is J. Healy jachealy@bell.ca
              Her is Brassard’s email to me:
              Mister Turcotte,

              I will be glad to give you some insight on this project. This tower is programmed to be built in 2013 and will serve to cover the areas that do not have cellular and internet coverage or to enhance the coverage in designated areas.

              There will be a public notification as soon as the photo simulations are completed which will be in June or July 2012.

              I hope this info will be fruitfull to your article.

              Thank you.

              Ps: Pls note the email adress of Mr Healy: jachealy@bell.ca

              Daniel Brassard

              Services Immobilier- Est du Canada


              ( 514.778.6536

              • Hi All, I have been in contact with Daniel Brassard from Bell regarding an update on the construction of the new cell tower:

                Hi Mr “beefjerky”,

                For your info, here is a brief outlook for this project:

                · The LUA (Municipal and community consultation process) will start on the 13th of August 2012. The duration of this task will be 30 days and will be done by Canacre, our mandated contractor.

                · NAV Cda + TC clearance forms have been prepared and sent. 3 months waiting time.

                · Expected date for construction – end of 2012 or beginning of 2013

                I hope the above info to be convenient. Regards.

                Daniel Brassard

                Services Immobilier- Est du Canada


                ( 514.778.6536 )

  2. So what is everyone going to say when they see a big ugly tower with antennae and red obstruction lights to light up the night sky protruding upwards along the beautiful shores of Lake Restoule. Some of the towers, depending on the transmission distance can exceed three hundred feet. That is why NAV CANADA is involved because they create a hazard to air navigation. Be careful what you wish for….. food for thought.
    H Dowd

    • we live a few miles from Hamilton Municipal airport which has night cargo flights with FedEx and Puralator……and Westjet passenger planes and Penisula and hangers with corporate jets for the owners of Tim Hortons chain…… and the Warplane Heritage museum that houses and flys the B-52 bomber etc…….we have a minimum of four towers that I know of in this small town that borders on Hamilton…

  3. Where exactly is this proposed tower to be erected? Does anybody know? Thanks.

  4. Schedule what is the need for a schedule…get the crew..grab the tower…drive to the site..put it up…funny how they go up like dandeliions in Southern ontario…$ talks and this is all about $
    one tower is the minimum this community needs…

  5. Can’t wait for this to come into being. I am anxious to see if there will be internet options at competitive rates……Bets

  6. Thanks… would be nice for safety sake if it was this year… with half of the lake not having cell service, and none on the highways… cell service is a huge factor to keep people safe these days… What use is a helicoptor pad for air ambulance if you can’t call 9-1-1

  7. When you say its on schedule…. do you know what that schedule is?

    • I don’t really know the schedule. All I get is ‘this year’ and maybe summer and maybe fall. They don’t like being tied down. :-(

      • Too bad we can not exploit our monthly bill payments in the same manner…..’Oh the payment is on schedule’……

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