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RBC customer’s bank accounts looted 3 times by Identity theives

CBC reports about an RBC customer’s experience with identity theft. identity-theft3

He says a lot of people give out far too much information that thieves can use, pointing to social media sites like Facebook, and to online and telephone surveys where people give up their date of birth, marital status, kids’ names and more

You may like to read how RBC deals with the situation. Nice to know they offer additional insurance for $19;99 a month plus taxes. And this from a company who has posted record profits for how many years? Maybe its time to see if any bank offers better protection of your money.

According to the story, RBC did reimburse the client but of course the client had the hassle of dealing with the problem.  Apparently  the bank allowed some persons on three occasions to take several thousands out out of the account without a bank card or PIN number.

Isn’t life grand?


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